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The Best Me


Right now

I feel really swole, pretty, HAPPY and in love with myself inside and out.

I feel capable, strong, creative, confident, intelligent, and like a person others feel comfortable around.

I also simultaneously feel like a fierce, badass bitch who know what she wants and a gentle, loving puppy who wants to cuddle forever.

I feel like SUNSHINE (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

I LOVE ME and am proud of who I am

It is such a magnificent spring day outside!

Two hours before class to soak up some sun and make some easter cards 

  ( - -)
o( ‘)  (‘)

I generally don't actually pass these things on, but: When you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send to 10 of your favourite followers.

Asked by thebuffbaker

Aww thanks Savanna. Another one. YES! More good things to say about myself <3

  1. The strength I have to keep pushing when things get tough.
  2. My openness to consider new ideas, perspectives, music, theories…etc.
  3. My artistic abilities.
  4. My gentle spirit.
  5. How I love to be playful, active, and have fun no matter where I am or what I’m doing.

When you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send to 10 of your favourite followers ❤

Asked by ayabug

AYA! thank you my dear.

  1. I love that I laugh a lot and giggle to myself (and at myself). 
  2. One of my favorite things about me is my urge to do things differently and to ask why? instead of just accepting things as they are.
  3. My wild imagination.
  4. My passion. I can become passionate about just about anything.
  5. My researching skills!

Day 17: Wild Thing

Today’s Intention: To spread good vibes! Today I choose to be the person who starts a friendship, who listens, who gives without the expectation of receiving, who compliments others instead of bringing others down. I want to be the kind of person I would love to have in my life.


  • One of my dreams as a kid was to go to Stanford! It would be amazing to be a part of their product design program.
  • LOVING solidworks. It is so fun when you finally have a grip on the basics.
  • Illustrator is a blast too. SO MUCH ARTISTIC/DESIGN/HAPPY POTENTIAL (in both programs)
  • My physical therapist told me today that my right shoulder isn’t sitting as high as it used to :’) Slow, but steady progress makes me happy. He also said I can recover 100% from this and come out with good posture. Which means I will be stronger and feel so much better in everything I do.
  • I am making a conscious effort to stay ahead of the game this quarter so I can maximise learning, reduce stress, and have more time to learn from toying around with the subject matter.
  • Also making a conscious effort to reduce stress in my life. I am making plans ahead of time— something I need, especially with depression.
  • Still reading Wild.
  • And preparing to hike part of the Tahoe Rim Trail in June! YEAHHHH!
  • My hair is OUT of control.
  • The devacurl shampoo is working like a charm. Would recommend to wavy/curly haired people.
  • No longer doing vinyasas in my vinyasa class for the integrity of my shoulder. It’s too painful and I think it pinches the area between the pec minor and the collarbone, which in turn pinches the brachial plexus and causes numbness down my neck and arm :|
  • CORRECT POSTURE IS SO IMPORTANT SO LISTEN TO THE TITLE and plz make sure you are utilizing your body’s maximum potential through good posture.
  • Sending out good vibes to everyone.
  • Last reminder: high stress does not make you more productive or important. If unchecked, chronic stress shuts down unnecessary bodily functions (immune system) and is very threatening to your overall health. So SMILE, enjoy plenty of fun breaks, get some sunshine, manage your time well, say no if it’s going to overload you, and do the best you can without beating yourself up.

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#aprilintentions day 16

two-legged inverted staff pose hosted by tothemarathonandback!

when i saw how this photo came out i just couldn’t resist flipping it to complete the shape. today’s intention is to love - so much and so well. 

Another great read.

Listen to your mom— quit hunching! Seriously.

Why Slouching Isn’t The Only Bad Posture


Overextension is the opposite of slouching, but is no lesser of the two evils.

The butt-wink, the slouch, and the rounded back. Snooze. We’ve heard time and time again that these positions are bad. Hopefully, if you haven’t already corrected these dangerous, faulty, and weak (did I say dangerous?) patterns, you are making significant strides.

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Read this. Don’t be stupid like me.

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